The age of A.I.

Are you paying attention?

We are on the cusp of a major disruption to the way we live and work.

This isn’t NFTs, or Crypto, or any of the other recent technology breakthroughs most people have been largely able to ignore and get on with their lives.

The changes we’re starting to see from breakthroughs in AI are setting the stage to fundamentally change the way everyone does just about everything.

Ok, so that may be hyperbole.


But only slightly.

I, for one, am excited about the potential this technology unlocks.

It takes all of the mundane and routine aspects of so many jobs and speeds them up dramatically (or even eliminates them).

And that’s what has so many people worried.

If your knowledge of how to use the proper syntax or complex design tools is no longer valuable, what are you bringing to the table?

But remember, that was never really what you or I brought to the table.

It’s our creativity.
It’s our critical thinking.

It’s our ability to bring together disparate thoughts, ideas, and tools to create value and solve problems.

These new developments are just making it easier and quicker to validate (or invalidate) our hypotheses.

It allows us to zoom out and focus on what’s really important.

It enables us to solve bigger problems.

It forces us to wrestle with what's uniquely human about us and keeps us from hiding behind a set of skills we've acquired over the course of our professional journey.

I know.
It’s a simplistic view.

There’s more to it than that and there certainly is a dark side to AI.

But it’s coming in hot 🚀

And I would hate for any of us to look up this time next year and wonder how we ended up so far behind the curve, scrambling to catch up.

Don’t be that person.

Figure out how you can leverage developments in AI to help you amplify the contribution you're already making that is uniquely yours.

Here’s to the next chapter… 📚

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

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