Put down that book!

I'm reading a book (or rather I was reading a book) and getting very little out of it.

It's not a terrible book, but it's also not great - so it's time to put it down and move on to the next one.

For me, this is easier said than done.

It's really hard not to finish it, even if it's boring me to tears.

Not completing a book once I've started just feels wrong somehow. It makes no sense, but I guess I'm driven by the fact that I've spent money on it, or feel the need to check it off my list and "get credit" for completing it.

But who am I getting credit from?

Life's too short to read all the good content out there, let alone all the rest.

These days books are being published at a rate of over 750,000 new titles per year. That's on top of the 129,864,880 books that Google Books reports they had catalogued as of 2010.

There are far more books to read than there are hours in the day.

So join me.

Put that lousy book down before you waste another minute and get on to the next one.

I love to finish and get that checkmark as much as the next guy... but there are loads of fantastic books out there waiting to thrill and delight.

Why waste time on a mediocre one?

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

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