The magic of a cold shower

I'm no doctor. Not even close.

So take what I'm about to tell you as strictly anecdotal.

I've been taking cold showers daily for the past several years. I don't remember why I started. It was probably something I read, maybe Tim Ferriss...

Regardless of why I started, I've kept it up. Not because I enjoy discomfort or feel like I have something to prove.

I've kept it up because it helps me.

On days when I feel sluggish, a nice cold shower pulls me out of my slumber and gets my blood pumping.

I come out of the shower feeling awake and alive, ready to take on the world!

My level of energy is significantly higher when I start my day with this one simple step.

My mind feels sharper and my motivation is higher. I find myself getting less irritated by the little things that crop up.

Again, I'm not a doctor so don't hate me if this doesn't work for you, but...

I'm convinced there is also a connection between the cold showers and my metabolism. I've found it much easier to lose or regulate my weight when I'm taking regular cold showers.

The last but not insignificant bit of value I get from starting off my day with a cold shower is that it helps prime me to do difficult things.

It's a small discomfort to opt to take a cold shower first thing in the morning, but it does require a certain amount of willingness to forego what's easy and comfortable in exchange for what I know to be better.

That's a habit I want and need to be adopting in other aspects of my life. Be it financial decisions, avoiding procrastination, living a healthy lifestyle, or leaning into a difficult conversation, I need to be able to do what I know will lead to a positive outcome, regardless of whether it feels good right now.

It sets the tone.

It gets me ready.

So as long as I continue to derive this much value from such a simple thing, I'll continue to do it.

Might not be for you, but from my perspective it's practically magical.

By the way - it also keeps the mirror from fogging up... so there's that.

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

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