The lazy family man

“To value and protect family and friends”

That is a line from my personal mission statement. I crafted that statement over 15 years ago and it’s been a helpful guide and reminder for me over the years.

But that line is the one I’ve probably struggled with the most.

On the heels of the meltdown I experienced this week, I sat down with Joellen and the kids after dinner yesterday and we talked for a bit.

I realized we’re all hurting in some way.

We’re all struggling with various things and despite the fact that we have the power the lean in and help meet each others’ needs, we haven’t done a great job of it.

And that starts with me.

Cole has been really missing having a pet since our cat died last fall.

Jovi misses talking with a couple of her friends back in Oregon and just wants to jump on a Zoom call with them now and again.

Asher and Joellen want to get out of the house more often and go on more trips, without people groaning and complaining about it.

As for me, I want us to speak more kindly to each other, guarding our words and tone of voice.

All of these are things we can do for each other.

All of these are things we must do for each other.

We’ve been like roommates, doing our part to share the load but not loving and caring for each other the way a family should.

Again, that’s on me.

Even as I’ve crushed goals and become more disciplined, I’ve been lazy in my relationships. My most important relationships!

That ends today.

We’re all going to end up much better off if we’re looking for ways to serve each other rather than trying to protect ourselves.

I know this. We all know this.

Now we just have to live it out…

And by God’s grace, we will.

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

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